Not many people have great photographic opportunities on their doorstep, a lot of people work, have families and grab opportunities to photograph whenever they can. For some, photography is a way to relax, a creative outlet, a desire to record their surroundings and for a few it can be the driving force for being in nature and provides that endorphin release we strive for when we produce a great image.



Photography workshops are advertised everywhere, you can find a photographer running a course in all corners of the globe, some are good, some are bad and often it’s pot luck if you find something that suits your skill level and what you are looking to achieve, we try to do things a little differently.

We run small group photography workshops with a difference, we live and work where we run our trips and we are flexible enough to adapt the time to what you want to achieve. It doesn’t matter if you are new to photography and looking for guidance and advice, maybe you want to learn how to get the best from your new camera, maybe there is an area you are struggling with and looking for practical advice and experience, we can help you. Maybe you are a professional or experienced photographer just looking for interesting and stunning locations so that you can create something new, we can help you.


What really stands out with our workshops is how we run them. We are professional commercial photographers based in the far North of Sweden in Swedish Lapland, we run a small but fully equipped studio surrounded by incredible landscapes and nature and we run our workshops from a studio base.

Accommodation is on site in a stunning log cabin with all amenities and we have 5 years of experience photographing every single day in all weathers and all seasons, we know this place intimately. The cabin


The studio environment means that it’s a great working space for post processing training with Lightroom, Photoshop and Capture One, we have a print shop in the studio where course participants can take an image and see it all the way through to the final print.

We have a substantial studio lighting setup for those who would like to learn about still life, product or portraiture photography in a working studio environment. But most of all, we are surrounded by incredible things to see and photograph, from beautiful waterfalls right on our doorstep to huge abandoned buildings. We have reindeer and moose in the surrounding forests and stunning snow peaked mountains.

We are only 100km from the Arctic Circle, from September to March we have a very good chance of seeing Northern Lights overhead.




Our trips are run by photographers, for photographers, we are flexible enough to run 1 to 1 trips for individuals and up to a maximum of 4 people for groups, which allows us to move freely, maintain a high level of connection between each participant and allows each individual to learn and produce stunning work.

We don’t do fixed itineraries planned months in advance, we sit every evening with the weather forecast and decide what to do and where to go based on the light and the desires of the photographers. We don’t do excursions and day trips for shopping or find “fun” things for you to do between the photography.

“ We are all about the light and the experience."

Workshops on average are 5 days long but we can cater for the needs of the individual and produce workshops that match what you want to do. We are just 1 hour from the main airport here in the North in Lulea. From arriving to departure we look after everything, from food and accommodation to training and support.



Swedish Lapland has a lot to offer the photographer, spectacular landscapes, interesting wildlife, amazing people and incredible changes in the environment depending on the season, 24hr daylight in the summer and warm temperatures through to hard dark winters with lots of snow and temperatures down to -30, there is something new to see all year round.

For more information, advice or to plan a trip, then get in touch with us and start planning your discovery of this amazing place.