In the right situation, aerial photography can be a very powerful tool, it can help you to tell a story in a way that traditional photography can’t.

We feel though that just offering a different view isn’t enough, the principles of high quality imagery are just as important when shooting from the air, in many cases, more so. We bring the same ideology and technical skill to your images regardless of where they are taken from.

We provide aerial photography for many different purposes, from location shooting for companies and private individuals, through to aerial inspections for infrastructure and commercial properties. We provide high quality still imagery for brochures and advertising purposes and framed prints for office, conference rooms and private properties. We can deliver still photography as well as high quality video up to 4k. aerial photography swedish laplandaerial photography swedish lapland


There have been many technical advances in drone equipment over the last few years, it is possible to get very good quality video from small and relatively inexpensive drones but they can be seriously hampered when producing still images, especially for print. We believe strongly that there should be no restriction on the use of an image supplied to a client, whether that is a jpeg for a website or a print for a display stand or for the wall.

We use one of the most advanced drones currently available, the DJI Inspire 2. It is advanced for many reasons, it can record video up to 5.2k which provides unbelievably high quality 4k output, it also has a camera that can change lenses, meaning we can provide far more dynamic shots by utilizing different focal lengths.  The camera itself can provide still images at 20mp resolution, this allows us to supply images of very high quality. Beyond the finished article we provide to the client, the technical advances of the DJI Inspire 2 allow us to work more efficiently and safer than any other cheaper drone. It has 2 heated batteries for redundancy should 1 battery fail, it has proximity sensors in 3 directions to allow safe operation even inside, it can be operated by 2 pilots, 1 controlling the drone and 1 controlling the camera and it is designed to be used in temperatures as low as -20c which makes it ideal for use here in the North even during the winter. It can travel at up to 60mph, which makes it ideal for tracking vehicles, boats, and other fast moving objects, the possibilities are limitless!


On the 1st of August, 2017, the Swedish government changed their very strict laws on drone use and we now comply with the requirements for owning and operating a drone. License’s and insurance are all in place and we provide a professional service to all clients.

For more information on prices and availability, please Contact us , we can quote on your specific needs.


aerial photography swidish laplandaerial photography swidish lapland