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Could this be the return of the neglected blog? Looks like it! 

It has been a hectic couple of months, I have shot 15,000 photographs, had almost 300 aurora workshop clients and today I start the second of the six multi-day aurora workshops I am running this season, busy!

I thought it was about time I did a round up of my favorite shots of the last couple of months, having so many clients has meant that my personal photography has taken a back seat but I have still managed to grab a few photographs that I really like.

I am absolutely loving my new camera system, I decided it was time to push in to a new level of image quality and moved to medium format digital and the Leica S system, for the work I do it's pretty much the ultimate. I got an excellent deal and literally the best service I have ever experienced from Ulf and the guys at Mattssons photo in Lund, they helped me every step of the way and got me in to an excellent system. The above reindeer shot was pretty much the first image I took and I love it!

The Leica is the ideal camera for both the landscape work I do and also the commercial work that pays the bills, here are some landscapes.

These are taken in Abisko, my home for the winter, the landscape is stunning and despite the fact that I am running aurora workshops here, I find myself drawn to the landscape opportunities far more.

I have met a lot of excellent people over the last couple of months and have been able to help them improve their photography through training and by taking them out to experience everything Abisko and the surrounding area has to offer. Here's a shot of one of my guys getting in amongst the action!

As a part of the trips I'm running, I have driven over to Narvik a few times, it's a great drive with some fantastic photo opportunities, this is our normal lunch spot.

We are in Polar Night at the moment, this means that we don't see the sun although we still get a nice glow in the sky for a few hours a day, the colours in the sky are amazing.

Sunrise can be spectacular even if we don't actually see it! This is the view from my front door of the Abisko train station.

The great thing about the Leica is that it makes me want to shoot with it, something that a camera system really must do if it's going to work, I have found myself shooting lots of different things, portraits, animals, landscapes and more abstract/still life scenes as well as my commercial work, here are some examples.

Quite a selection as you can see! I'm now mid aurora season and despite the Leica not being the perfect aurora camera, I have still managed to grab a couple of shots I like.

And this is my office for the remaining aurora workshops I'm running.

I'm working alongside Oliver Wright at the moment, a fantastic UK based photographer, if you get chance check out some of his work, it's really fantastic and a pleasure to be working with another photographer who sees things in a different way to me, it makes for some great photo sessions, helps that he's an excellent bloke too! See Oliver's stuff here..

Well I think that may be enough for now, I'll end on a shot of sunrise a few weeks back, lovely sky and a shot from the shortest day looking over at Laporten.

I hope everyone has a great Christmas and New Year, you can find daily updates on my facebook page as well as on twitter.


Love the photos Mat, amazing stuff. I’m happy you’re doing good. Cheers, Igor
Chad Blakley(non-registered)
Great stuff Mat! The little bits of pink light on the frozen trees (two shots below the train station) is perfect!
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