Welcome to my site, I hope you enjoy my photographs.

I have spent the last 20 years living, working and photographing the worlds most remote and hostile environments, from the Antarctic to Zambia and over 80 countries in between.

I have always been fascinated with travel and culture, my experiences and adventures have given me a unique insight into life in some of the harshest environments, either due to war, natural disasters or just remoteness.

I offer my services as a photographer to businesses who require images of their operations in difficult locations. My photographs can be found in corporate advertising, annual reports and adorning offices walls around the world.

Since photography is as much a passion as it is a job, I take every opportunity to produce my own work. You will find galleries on this site dedicated to different locations. All images are available for purchase direct from the site and will be delivered to your door. I also offer guided photography trips and coming soon, will be offering accommodation in Iceland and Swedish Lapland for small groups and individuals who want to explore these incredible locations.

If you want to know more, have any specific questions or would like me to take you to photograph somewhere you've always wanted to go, then get in touch.